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Katelyn Williams, Perseverance Fitness Owner & Trainer

Katelyn began her professional fitness career in 2008. Since then, she has trained groups, individuals, and even off-ice professional hockey players-- creating a supportive communities among her clients of every shape, size and fitness level. 

At Perseverance Fitness, she uses her experience and enthusiasm to lead groups through Booty Camps, CORE camps, and TRX Suspension Training-- helping clients perform thousands of exercises that strengthen, tone, and help everyone lose inches. 

No matter what size, shape or fitness level you're at, Katelyn is happy to encourage you along your way to a healthier life.

Certified Personal Trainer (CFES), Weight Trainer Level 1, Pre & Post-Natal Fitness Specialist, TRX Trainer, Nutritional Coach, CPR/First Aid

Jessica, yoga instructor

CRYSTIE, Instructor

After battling the feeling of being miserable physically and mentally I decided to take my health into my own hands and started my fitness journey, after many attempts of at home workouts I decided to hire a Personal Trainer who introduced me to weight lifting where I instantly fell in love. 

I was amazed by what my body could do. I felt strong, empowered, beautiful, and unstoppable. Since then it has become my mission to help others find themselves through fitness

My training philosophy is to make fitness, not just about exercise. It is my goal to inspire my clients and make fitness and a healthy lifestyle a part of their daily lives. I strive to provide my clients with a fun, creative, and supportive training experience that is also safe and effective. I also want to give them the tools to be empowered and confident through their own strength. 

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) 
Low Back Health begins with the Core (ACE)
Athletic Performance for Sport and Life (ACE) 

Every single one of us is capable of amazing things, it's just that most quit, or never get started in the first place.
So, my advice to you is to just start!! And, enjoy the journey.

Looking forward to Training with you!

Crystie Moore

katie, yoga instructor

LUISA, Instructor


KATHY, Instructor