Perseverance Fitness Family

Katelyn Williams, Perseverance Fitness Owner & Trainer

Katelyn began her professional fitness career in 2008. Since then, she has trained groups, individuals, and even off-ice professional hockey players-- creating a supportive communities among her clients of every shape, size and fitness level. 

At Perseverance Fitness, she uses her experience and enthusiasm to lead groups through Booty Camps, CORE camps, and TRX Suspension Training-- helping clients perform thousands of exercises that strengthen, tone, and help everyone lose inches. 

No matter what size, shape or fitness level you're at, Katelyn is happy to encourage you along your way to a healthier life.

Certified Personal Trainer (CFES), Weight Trainer Level 1, Pre & Post-Natal Fitness Specialist, TRX Trainer, Nutritional Coach, CPR/First Aid

 Jessica, yoga instructor

Jessica, Instructor

My Yoga journey began in the mountains of Whistler. As a young woman I felt lost, not knowing what my future held. Aimlessly wandering and in search of something new, I stumbled into my very first class, where I was instantly hooked. I like to think of yoga as a time to step away from my busy life, abandon my phone, centre my thoughts and dedicate time to my own well-being. Yoga can help us in so many ways. From a physical level, it improves posture, builds strength, increases flexibility and so much more. On a level much deeper than that, it can reduce stress, inspire us to slow down, clear the mind and encourage us to let go. As a Yoga instructor I wish to help, heal and spread the yoga love. By teaching yoga, I not only help others to grow, but I grow myself. I strive to leave my students feeling both invigorated and at peace. 

“The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and relationships.” 
-TKV Desikachar

Peace & Love

 katie, yoga instructor

Katie, Instructor

Growing up, I had always been interested in fitness and health. I realized I needed to choose fitness as a career in 2015, so I quit my job to start instructing--having a blast ever since. Journeying through the practice of yoga, I became passionate about sharing that discovery and encouraging others to find their own personal practice. By moving our bodies through routines of balanced movements, we can become our happiest selves, our best selves. I look forward to every day I have the opportunity to teach, Namaste


Hayley, Instructor

My journey towards yoga began during a stressful period in my life. I knew there was more that I should've been doing for my wellbeing. I quit working as a nurse and went full time into yoga teacher training. 

I started feeling the positive effects immediately. I learned to trust my body and mind in ways I never thought possible. I knew this way of healing is what I wanted to bring to others. 

During this wonderful process I took prenatal and mom and baby yoga teacher training. I was hooked! When I started teaching these classes to women, I felt a greater connection to the practice.

My goal as a mom and baby yoga teacher is to build a community where women feel safe, and supported. Where they can tell their stories, meet other moms, and connect with their baby and body. I am always honoured to hold space for moms and their babies.