Testimonials — See what our clients are saying about Perseverance Fitness.

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My client, Stephanie Ann had a devastating snowboarding accident that nearly paralyzed her. After being rushed into emergency surgery with a shattered vertebrae, doctors had to remove one of her ribs and make a new one with mesh. With time, patience, and a lot of hard work, Stephanie started walking, working out, and on April 17, 2013, she brought herself up into a full suspended TRX plank and push up. I was so thrilled I had goosebumps! Thank you Stephanie for showing us what a lot of hard work and perseverance can achieve.
— Kat (trainer)
When Gianna found her dream prom dress, she was told that she would have to add four inches of material to the dress in order to make it fit. After working hard toward her goals in BootyCamp, 1.5 months later, Gianne zipped that dress up perfectly with no alterations. Way to make that dress YOURS!
— Kat (trainer), April 24, 2013
September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012